Why Should I Choose CTX Business Solutions for my Accounting?

CTX Business Solutions offers a wide range of financial services for local businesses of all sizes. When you work with us, you experience all of the benefits of having your own in-house accounting team. You will have a designated accounting professional assigned to your account that you reach out to for anything related to your business’ accounting. Explore some of our accounting services:.

Tax Solutions for All Business Types

Keeping up with tax filing and other IRS requirements is extremely important. Our team of certified accounting professionals is able to file a tax return for all business entity types including: • Sole Proprietorship • Limited Liability Companies • S-Corp’s • C-Corp’s • Non-Profits In addition to filing your tax returns, we can support your business with unique tax situations like return amendments and mitigating tax problems with the IRS. You never have to fight IRS collection proceedings alone when you have the professionals at CTX Business Solutions by your side. Don’t trust sensitive tax situations to just any tax company. If the IRS believes you owe them money, they will stop at nothing to collect from you. This could include placing a lien on your property or your business bank accounts. Let us help you navigate this difficult situation and get your account back in good standing with the IRS.

Year-Round Accounting Support

What can you do for my business other than file my taxes? CTX Business Solutions offers year-round accounting services to help you maintain the financial health of your company. We provide both accounts payable and accounts receivables functions including processing vendor invoices, reconciling statements, and creating customer invoices. Proper accounting practices can help you, as a business owner, keep track of your business financial stability. With well-organized data at your disposal, you can make smarter sales and operations choices as well as project future income trends to better manage cash flow..

Top Rated Customer Service

At CTX Business Solutions, we believe that all the businesses under our care deserve top-tier service and support. Whether your business is large, small, growing or established, you can rest assured that your account will always be a top priority for our team. Our goal is to offer you personalized customer service that is so good, you’ll feel like your business as a full-time CPA on staff. Contact us today to learn more about our accounting services and how we can help you shape your company’s financial future.